The Fit

Cut of your shirt

Our staff have years of experience and have an eye for comfortable and modern cuts.

Do you prefer a more casual cut, or a figure-accenting one? Simply choose your desired variation during the ordering process. This luxury can only be offered to you with a made-to-measure shirt.
Don’t worry: if the measurements aren’t compatible, the cut will not be altered.

Measurement profile

We generally distinguish between shirt measurements and body measurements

shirt sizes are the (production) measurements. Your shirt is made by these measurements, uninfluenced by us. You can enter the measurements of a well-fitting shirt into our system without any changes. In addition, you can also choose your commercial size (collar width), and alter these measurements.

Body sizes on the other hand, are taken directly against the body. Necessary additions are calculated and allocated automatically with our system.

Further information to our measurement system

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Standard cut
Fitted, normal additions

slim fit

This figure-accentuating cut is made according to your body measurements. Fitted shirts can be combined perfectly with today’s modern, narrowly cut suits and let your upper body’s assets be seen. Since the silhouette is lengthened through a narrow cut, the fitted shirt shape is not only suitable for men with a perfect body.

Fitted, minimal additions

slim fit

With this shape, the chest, waist and hip measurements are also taken into consideration individually. Tailored fitted, the torso is custom shaped and our system makes less additions as compared to the fitted cut. This is the best cut for those, who like their shirt ´body-fit´. Suitable for slender persons.

Straight cut
Not fitted, normal width

slim fit

This classic cut is similar to that of a commercial shirt with a straight-cut torso. With this variation, your measurements are considered in that they use the largest value of the chest circumference, waist circumference, and hip circumference as the measurement for the torso.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Shirts in your size and in your special design!

Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?


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