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Playboy: The Best Shirt

The magazine Playboy has been tested hemdwerk and says Who wants to avoid to visit a local tailorshop due to complexity and high costs can get a custom made shirt ordered online brought to you at home very comfortable. ... for little money you can get an inexpensive custom made shirt ...

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Why vouchers are always a good idea

Are you also still thinking about the perfect present for your friend‘s next birthday? And do you place great value on indivuality? But the present must be sorted as quickly as possible because the deadline is approaching fast? Then you should definitely consider giving a coupon for a custom made shirt!

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TWEED The best shirt makers

TWEED, the (only one in German language) magazine for British Lifestyle reports in the August / September issue 2014 about hemdwerk and other manufacturersof custom made shirts.

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InStyle Men tested hemdwerk

Direct hit writes the InStyle in issue Q1 2014 comparison test with other providers of high quality dress shirts

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hemdwerk in TV at Kabel1

The well-known TV channels Kabel1 tested in the Abenteuer Leben three ways to get easy-to-individual clothing to size. Also there: hemdwerk.de - the results speak for themselves.

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