hemdwerk 7er

Order seven custom made shirts, pay only six!

hemdwerk 7er

Sounds too good to be true - seven shirts, get one shirt for free.

If you are looking for a convenient and cheap way to renew your closet we have a special offer for you.

Simply order seven shirts, you will only be charged six shirts. The shirt with the lowest price will be dicsounted zero. The hemdwerk 7er will be noticed automatically. This offer is only valid for seven shirts in one (!) order.

Discount on payment and shipping!

If you use this offer shipping and handling charges may be dropped. Check out our actual offers. So you can combine two unbeatable discounts!


And you can first order only one out of your 7 shirts while using this special discount offer. The remaining six shirts are released for production when the fit of the first has been checked by you. If you want to do so please indicate at the end of the order (with shirt-number).

Shirts in your size and in your special design!

Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?