The bespoke shirt

A real made-to-measure shirt!

Each shirt is made individually for its future wearer.


Your made-to-measure shirt is produced by your measurements in Europe. You aren’t buying any products from the Far East, but high-quality made-to-measure shirts: produced by well-trained and experienced staff.

There are big differences between shirts: knowing these is important for style and awareness of quality.
And so the hemdwerk shirt is combining first-class production with high-quality, tested materials and is combining this with the freedom of designing one’s own shirt with individual measurements. And it’s no more expensive than a normal shirt.

You receive a real made-to-measure shirt at the price of a shirt off the rails!

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We have developed our own measurement profile system, which helps you to easily discover your measurements. Depending on which process is the most comfortable with you, you have different choices.

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hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

The Shirt aus der hemdwerk Manufaktur

Nothing changes more than fashion does. Whether it be a petticoat, mini skirt or leggings, many things are fashionable, but then disappear after a while. Only few items of clothing never seem to be out of fashion, one of which is undoubtedly men’s shirts.

For a long time men’s shirts were a status symbol, since they showed that their wearer didn’t earn his money with dirty, physical labour and could afford a clean shirt every day. Shirts are available from a few Euro to several hundreds. It depends on each person’s standards for quality and at which price they want to buy their shirts. Nowadays the shirt isn’t only for the rich. Anyone who wants to wear one can do so.


Seit 2005 - also seit bereits 19 Jahren - für Sie online und für Sie da!


Kurze Wege, Vermeidung von Fernostprodukten, faire Konditionen.

Innovativ, modern & komfortabel

Bequem von zuhause echte Maßhemden.


Lieferzeiten, optional bereits nach wenigen Tagen.


Ein Maßhemd muss passen, daran lässt sich einfach nicht rütteln. Zu kurze Ärmel, zu große Hemden oder auch ein zu weiter Kragen, das gibt es bei uns nicht! Sollten Sie sich vermessen haben, greift die Erstkundenkulanz – denn: Passt nicht, gibt’s nicht!

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Individuell & unique

Sie sind der Designer. Kreiieren Sie Ihre eigenen Hemden und erstellen Sie wahre Unikate.

170+ Stoffe

In unserem Stoffsortiment ist für jeden Hemdenträger etwas dabei.

Millionen Kombinationsmöglichkeiten

Kombinieren Sie Stoff mit Garn, Manschettenform mit Kragenform, Knöpfe mit Knopfloch - Sie haben die Wahl.


Unsere Stoffe, Garne, Einlagen, Knöpfe usw. sind Ökotex 100 zertifiziert und damit als unbedenklich kontrolliert.

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Years of experience

Since 2005 hemdwerk have offered online made-to-measure shirts for the German-speaking population. We have often been asked when and if additional products would be added to the range. Made-to-measure blouses or suits have been considered and tested.

However, there will most likely not be a large increase of the range. Hemdwerk will remain the specialist for made-to-measure shirts and quality shirts.

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Trusting that only impeccable quality will stay on the market in the long-term, we have willingly accepted the related higher costs and purchasing prices.

Every single made-to-measure shirt is controlled during and upon completion of the production process. Our products and their manufacture are continuously questioned in order to provide you with the most optimal result at all times.

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Made in the EU

At the beginning of 2010 we took a great step and moved our entire production to Europe. This step took great effort, but it was worth it: drastically shortened delivery times, elimination of different cuts in made-to-measure shirts in different orders, optimal quality control and complete transparency in the material chain are only some of the essential advantages for us and our customers.

All fabrics, buttons, threads, inserts, and packaging come from EU suppliers.

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Our tailors can make good use of a wide range of different patterns that are important for the fit of your shape. Implementation of the measurements at a maximum level of comfort is the result.

Pure handicraft!

It isn’t easy to produce stitches with such a high stitch count, as we do it. Of course, sewing in such a way takes a lot of production time. But only in such a way are we able to offer you the incomparably good quality and duration for which our shirts are known. We want you to enjoy your made-to-measure shirts for as long as possible.

Shirts in your size and in your special design!

Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?

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Production & workers

hemdwerk products are not made at the other end of the world or somewhere in the Far East under questionable conditions, but rather “just around the corner”- only a few hours away in our neighbouring country, Poland. Here we found qualified workers who try to achieve a real, German standard of quality in cooperation with us. A consistent quality of production without fluctuations is just as obligatory as under German working conditions. Our workers receive an above-average income.

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Constant production control

We control the measurements, details, and execution of every shirt that leaves our house before it is sent out. That means that hemdwerk shirts have a consistent high quality and the use of the measurements stays consistent, which is especially important for repeat orders.

Wir sind bei Ihnen!

hemdwerk´s first-time buyer benefits

Shirts in your size and in your special design!
Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?

More information about the first-time buyer benefits

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Since 2005 hemdwerk is a synonym for custom made shirts of high quality