The way it works

How to order a custom made shirt

01. Design shirt

  1. Open shirt designer
  2. Choose shirt details

02. Take measurements

  1. Choose how to take measurements
  2. Insert your measures
  3. Combine shirt and measurements

03. Customer account & order

  1. Open customer account and log in
  2. Check your order in your cart
  3. Complete order and payment

04. Ready!

  1. We inform when shipped by eMail
  2. Your measurements are saved

01. Create shirt, Shirt designer

You can choose shirt details as per our offer. Here is a brief guide to the configurator:

Create new shirt > Choose details > Assign measure-set to a shirt > Shopping cart (Overview)

Select the topic "Design shirt, " then click "Design new shirt". If you have a coupon code, then select "redeem coupon code".

First you will get to the fabric selection. For each fabric, further information is just one click away. Please now select fabric, collar, cuffs, pocket and - if required - your personal monogram (additional charge).

If you click on the shopping cart, you see all the shirts you have created. Missing data on a shirt is marked by a red asterisk marks. If you want to remove a shirt, just click "delete shirt design". Only after you have selected all the required shirt details, you can complete your order.

With our shirt configurator, you can create multiple shirts at a time, which means you can always switch between shirts. It is important here that you assign a measure-set to each shirt (Check "Apply to current shirt") that you choose from the list or create a new and save by clicking "Save As ...".

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

02. Take measurements

Take your measurements according our manuel. You can choose among body sizes, ready sizes, dress sizes and webcam.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Open customer account

In order to place an order you have to have a hemdwerk customer account.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

04. Complete order

Place your order and complete the payment.

Shirts in your size and in your special design!

Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?