We have simplified taking measurements!

Each shirt is individually made according to your measurements. For this purpose, each shirt is linked to a shirt measurement profile,
which contains your measurements. You can choose from four different measurement variants.

One size profile, any number of shirts

Once a measurement profile and you can order shirts in any design and fabric with these measurements. No matter if short sleeve or long sleeve, festive or leisure.

4 different measurement variants

Measure yourself on your body or measure a suitable shirt. Let us measure your body or simply send us a well fitting shirt and we will measure it for you - free of charge!

Save as many profiles as you like ...

You can also vary in your measurements, for example you can use different measurements for casual shirts than for your business shirts. Simply create another shirt dimension profile.

... for any number of persons

You would like to order shirts for your son, brother, father, employees, club members or whoever? No problem!

Measurement profile

We generally distinguish between shirt measurements and body measurements

What is a measurement profile?

A ( measurement ) profile contains your measurements. You can save as many profiles as you like in your customer account, which means you can assign different measurements to shirts. This makes sense, for example, if you want to order your casual shirts that you want to wear over your jeans a little looser or shorter than the shirts you usually wear with a suit. Or if you want to order shirts for different people. Your profiles remain saved and are available for future orders.

Body sizes

measure type

Body sizes on the other hand, are taken directly against the body. Necessary additions are calculated and allocated automatically with our system.

In order to be able to guarantee consistent measurements for subsequent orders, body measurements are only used for the first order.

Take measure

shirt sizes

measure type

shirt sizes are the (production) measurements. Your shirt is made by these measurements, uninfluenced by us. You can enter the measurements of a well-fitting shirt into our system without any changes. In addition, you can also choose your commercial size (collar width), and alter these measurements.

Take measure

Which profile type should I choose?

If you have a shirt that fits you well, it is best to measure it right away. If you do not have a shirt at hand, then please have a second person measure it for you or select the option UPcload.
The profile type ready-made size is best only selected if you have no possibility to take measures. A custom-made shirt fits better than a shirt made to measure.

The Fit

Cut of your shirt

Our staff have years of experience and have an eye for comfortable and modern cuts.

Do you prefer a more casual cut, or a figure-accenting one? Simply choose your desired variation during the ordering process. This luxury can only be offered to you with a made-to-measure shirt.
Don’t worry: if the measurements aren’t compatible, the cut will not be altered.

Standard cut
Fitted, normal additions

slim fit

This figure-accentuating cut is made according to your body measurements. Fitted shirts can be combined perfectly with today’s modern, narrowly cut suits and let your upper body’s assets be seen. Since the silhouette is lengthened through a narrow cut, the fitted shirt shape is not only suitable for men with a perfect body.

Fitted, minimal additions

slim fit

With this shape, the chest, waist and hip measurements are also taken into consideration individually. Tailored fitted, the torso is custom shaped and our system makes less additions as compared to the fitted cut. This is the best cut for those, who like their shirt ´body-fit´. Suitable for slender persons.

Straight cut
Not fitted, normal width

slim fit

This classic cut is similar to that of a commercial shirt with a straight-cut torso. With this variation, your measurements are considered in that they use the largest value of the chest circumference, waist circumference, and hip circumference as the measurement for the torso.

By the way: We are on mobiles too!

You can access the measurement area using your smartphone or tablet.

Correct Measurements


If you are looking for instructions for taking measurements, you will find the desired information ideally prepared under instructions.

Body measurements

Please use these instructions if you want to take measurements on the body. You will find the same description in the MEASUREMENT section.

They measure themselves directly on the body. Do not add any additions yourself, this is done later by our software.

Place the measuring tape like this, where later the collar sits - below the Adam apple. The neck circumference is taken exactly, but do not take the measure too tight, so that the tailored shirt does not cut later
The neck width does not necessarily match your clothing size! Therefore, please measure definitely the neck width.
Run the measuring tape around the chest (under the armpits). For a tight fit please pull the measuring tape tight for a loose fit please let some more air. (However, the final additions are defined by the cut.)
To measure the waist, place the measuring tape at around the body (about the height of the navel). Again, you can take the measure of relatively tight to the body for a closer result. (The final additions are defined by the fit type.)
With your legs closed and empty pockets, measure around the pelvic bone.
Measure from one shoulder o the other in a slight curve - according to the body shape. Start at the far end of the shoulder bone and end at the opposite side. Important: Note the two points from which you have determined the shoulder width. There you will also need to fix to determine the arm length later.
The length of the shirt is variable. Place the measuring tape at the highest point on the center back (neck collar) and run the tape measure straight backwards to the point where the shirt should end. People with stomach can also be measured directly on the front. You can also measure an existing shirt on the back of the shirt collar seam to end (excluding shirt rounding) measure. (Non-binding) rule: body size minus 100 cm.
Measure from the outer edge of the shoulder of the right arm to the middle of your hand. Shoulder to mid-back of the hand for classic length. It is generally sufficient to measure the length of your arms and the left (1 value); the right size (value 2) is then set equal to the left arm length / left cuff width.
Place the measuring tape along the upper arm starting from shoulder. End where you want the sleeve to end.
Measure wrist. If you want to wear a watch, let another 1-2 cm margin.
Measure the bent arm on the biceps. Please note that this measure is not ready size, and in the production surpluses are added.
Place the measuring tape along the seam that joins the sleeve to the body of the shirt, and transfer this value.

Shirt measurements

Please use these instructions if you want to measure a shirt. You will find the same description in the MEASUREMENTS section.

Simply select your neck size and our system will automatically suggest default values of the usual ready-made size.

Please measure once across the neck from the center of the button until the end of the buttonhole opposite.
Please put the measure tape evenly across the chest, directly below the sleeve seam. Please double.
Please take the waist at the narrowest point of the shirt. Again, please double the result
Put the measure tape across the shirt. Where the two side seams collide with the shirt tail. Please enter the double value.
For the size of the shoulder put measuring tape at the back from one side to another - following the shape of the back in a light circle (below the collar back side).
Since this is not to scale, you can enter the value directly taken.
Now, please measure the length of the shirt. Do this by placing the measuring tape at the bottom edge of the collar and run the tape all the way down to the shirt tail.
You determine the length of the sleeve by starting at the seam, where the sleeve is fixed at the shoulder. From there, run the tape to the end, thereby please include the cuff. If you do not want different values for left sleeve (1 value) or right sleeve (value 2), value 1 is enough and will be set equal for both width.
Measure from shoulder seam to desired end of the arm. This value applies when you order a short-sleeved shirt. If you want to order only long sleeve shirts with this profile, so you can leave this value off.
Measure from the outer end of the button hole to the center of the outermost button on the opposite side. If you wear a watch, please plus to 1-2 cm. It is sufficient to enter the left width (value 1). The right size (value 2) is then set equal to the left cuff width.
Place the tape measure across the widest part of the sleeve (approximately in the middle of the upper part) and take the value twice.
Place the measuring tape along the seam that joins the sleeve to the body of the shirt and multiply the value by two.
Send us a shirt
Let us measure you via WebCam
hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Change my shirt size

This is how you proceed if you want to optimize your shirt measurements after receiving your first shirt.

This video shows you how to change your measurements easily and conveniently:


Select the shirt measurement profile of the last order (Customer account > My measurement profiles or in the Shirt Designer > MEASURES). Usually only one shirt measurement profile exists.
[The measurements in your email order confirmation may be outdated. Relevant are the measurements that are listed with your order (My orders > Order NUMBER).]

Tailor-made: Only measure the shirt or shirt measurements, do not measure the body again.
[If there are shirts that have not yet been produced, it is essential that you inform us of any dimensional changes or tell us that you want us to update the shirt dimensions.]

You want the shirt to be a little tighter at the chest. To do this, reduce the value in your shirt measurement profile by a few centimetres. In our example, the chest measurement is originally 110 cm. We would now reduce the value to 108 cm. Proceed in the same way for other measurements.


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