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Design your custom made shirt online

Made in EU!

Proven quality

Buying shirts is a matter of trust. Therefore, only Ökotex-100 certified fabrics are used. Your shirts are manufactured in our EU-manufacturing plant (Poland). Further information

All shirt fabrics are carefully tested Ökotex 100.

Authentic custom made fit!

We do everything for a shirt that really fits.
Measure yourself, measure a shirt, let yourself be measured by webcam, choose a ready made size or simply send us your favorite shirt.
In case the shirt does not fit perfectly we got you covered First order service.

Fast delivery

Delivery within 2-4 weeks.
Can be sped up with our express service.

Fabric samples

Unsure what fabric is the right one? You can order samples first. FABRICS

You decide how your shirt will look. Choose collars, cuff shape, whether or not it will use button tape, fabrics, buttons and monograms. ...
You have the choice to be measured directly on your body, or whether you would like to measure a fitting shirt. If you are unsure, you can also be measured on webcam. If you are unable to, or do not feel like taking measurements, you could always order with clothing sizes or simply send in one of your existing shirts.
Once an account is opened, all settings and measurements remain stored. So in the future you can go back to all previous orders, and shirt designing becomes child play.
Each order is manually reviewed by us regarding the plausibility degree. Your order will take 14-30 days to be delivered Note: If the first shirt doesn’t fit as hoped, our first order guarantee will help.

Design your individual order made shirt now

  • 135+ fabrics
  • 100+ preconfigured shirt designs
  • countless design possibilties


Custom made shirts

Order Custom Made Shirts Online

It is very hard to find items that make you a smart, well-dressed and chic man. The fashion-industry always focuses on women's clothing, fashions and trends, along with accessories. But now you have access to trends that inspire men’s clothing too, with various stuffs, designs and colors. Do you think shopping for men's clothing is a fun as buying women's clothing? Most will say: "No"! This is often likely as a result of the limited range of choices out there for men's shirts, but there's an enormous selection of shirts in our fabric section. You will be able to find great alternatives and fill your wardrobe with designs that are great for different occasions. Fashion and style isn't solely about vogue, it's about mood, comfort and luxury as well. You’ll be able to continuously dress according to your frame of mind and mood. But, dressing up in an acceptable manner is more admirable because it creates an everlasting impression within the minds of others. It’s tough to shop for clothes by visiting various shops and malls, but now custom made shirts offer you a huge range of designs and fabrics for your tailored bespoke shirt.

Don’t waste your precious time searching the stores for the perfect shirt, just choose what you want.
Shirts normally have sleeves, a collar and a front gap. Our bespoke shirts offer you a customized way to get the perfect shirt that will be customized to your shape and gesture. You will just need to measure your neck, chest, stomach, shoulders, hips and sleeve length; then enter this information into the required fields in the measurement section. Our customized shirts also provide you the options to choose color, style, fabric, pocket, sleeves, back, button tape, cut, the color of the button holes or the color of the yarn, the collar bones, the monogram, etc. It also offers the visual choice of your body shape to come with a perfect and ideal custom made shirt.
The web custom shirt-making business is booming and made to order shirts have the best choice of options. It has the simplest ordering process and delivers products that live up to their promises. You can design your personalized 100% cotton shirts, opt for a cloth, style, color distinction and your measurements. hemdwerk - a German company with a factory in the EU - will generate the best shirt for you.

Custom made shirts will provide you comfort, ease and a style; you will feel extraordinary perfection as well as get a gorgeous and sexy look. With hemdwerk, you choose an online tailor with many years of experience. Highly qualified staff, proven quality, first-class designs and thousands of satisfied customers. And thanks to the initial order fairness, you buy with confidence knowing that your online-tailored shirt will not be an adventure. Create an account, design your shirt, take measurements, done! Shirts according to your ideas and your measurements - that´s how to buy shirts nowadays!

If you still buy off the rack, it’s time to stop? Order your shirt online now. You can order made to measure - but you don´t have to. All shirts can be ordered with standard sizes. The huge choices should be enough to convince you! Our products are available at an unbeatable web price. Delivery time is currently between 10 and 20 days.


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Since 2005 hemdwerk is a synonym for custom made shirts of high quality