Linen blend green stripes
 Fabric #1508
Linen blend green stripes


Wir mussten die Preise für unsere Maßhemden aufgrund gestiegener Stoffpreise (besonders betroffen Fertigungen in Europa) entsprechend anpassen. Sobald sich die Märkte wieder beruhigt haben, werden auch wir unsere Preise updaten.

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Ökotex 100 Made in EU
material: linen
weight: ca. 175 g /m²
Rating: 1 (1 Ratings)
Delivery time: 14-59 days


iron effort: 80/100

opaque: 80/100

weight: 85/100

Use for

business: 45/100

festive: 70/100

leisure: 90/100

trachten: 65/100

design: 95/100

Buy shirt fabrics per meter

You are welcome to buy just our shirt fabrics per meter.

Delivery time:
7-10 working days
1 running meter (rm), roll width: 140 cm
Maximum delivery quantity:
10 rm
(Please inquire larger quantities by sending a message to customer service.)
18,86 €*
Prices are for one shirt in this fabric.
Remark color display:
Depending on which monitor or monitor setttings you are using the color of the fabrics might differ.

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