The Cuffs

Though cuffs used to be closed with cufflinks, today most men’s shirts do this with pre-sewn buttons. This has led to different variants of sleeve cuffs.

One distinguishes, for example, between adjustable sports cuffs or the double-buttoned barrel cuffs. The difference is in the way the buttons are affixed. While the buttons of the adjustable barrel cuffs are placed next to each other, the buttons of the double-buttoned barrel cuffs are one above the other, and both are closed. Other variants could be the type of the sleeve ends- these are found with straight edges or rounded ones.

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Adjustable barrel cuffs

The sport cuffs with the two adjustable buttons are undoubtedly the standard cuffs of men’s shirts. No wonder then that they go well with business shirts, leisure shirts, and even finer shirts are no less elegant with a sports cuff.

Barrel cuffs, double-buttoned

A further variant of the sports cuffs. This cuff shape is characterised by the one button being over the other.

Combination cuff

The combination cuff combines the characteristics of the sports cuff with those of the French cuff. This means that the cuffs can be closed with the pre-existing buttons or with cuff links.

French Cuffs

The classic style is, and will remain, of course the French cuff. With this cuff shape, the bottom part of the cuff is also folded back and fixed with a cufflink.
When the shirt and cufflinks harmonise with each other, it is a sign of good taste of the wearer, and the cufflinks decorate him.
Use your cufflinks together with this shirt.

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