The Shirt Pocket

The front pocket only established itself since the 60s thanks to the disappearance of the men’s waistcoat. Traditional and especially classy shirts are not made with a pocket even today, since a pocket would compromise the overall symmetry of the shirt. For especially festive occasions you should therefore go “bare-breasted”...

In your free time or in the workplace, however, the shirt pocket is indispensable. Hemdwerk is offering these pockets with or without a button, according to your choice. In addition, these pockets have the option of a separate inside pocket for pens.

Whether you prefer a shirt with a front pocket, or rather the version without a pocket, you get to decide how your shirt is designed here at hemdwerk.

The available pocket shapes are: round finish,pointy finish (standard), phased finish as well as an internal pocket

Options for the shirt pocket
Pen pocket
Second front pocket (right side)
Pocket button
hemdwerk Bespoke shirt
Front pocket (standard version)

Front pocket (standard version)

The front pocket gives the shirt a sporty, casual feel. Men’s shirts with front pockets are popular classic styles that are often worn, especially in leisure time and for less formal occasions.

Inside pocket

Inside pocket

Not only for traditional shirts. The fastening is a button, which naturally matches the other buttons on the shirt.

Front pocket with a flap

Front pocket with a flap


You can also choose if you want the pocket with a fastening or not (can be closed with the sewed-on button). Two front pockets are also optional.

Front pocket with a button

Front pocket with a button


Two front pockets are also an option.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Shirts in your size and in your special design!

Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?


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