Customization Be Your Own Designer!

The aforementioned customisation options offer you opportunities to create your shirts as per your wishes and ideas. Just like the actual configuration of the shirt, you can choose the customisation options through the shirt configurator.

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hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Varying material for the cuffs, collar, button strip, and sleeves

Weißer Kragen und weiße Manschetten

White cuffs, white collar

Do you want your shirt to be just that bit nobler? Then white cuffs and a white collar are the right choice. All our collar shapes as well as our cuff shapes (except for short sleeves) are available in white.

This option of white cuffs or a white collar can be added individually, so if you only desire a white collar, this is possible at hemdwerk..

Kragen und Manschette in Twill Weiß
Hemd mit Kragen und Manschetten in weiß

Contrasting fabric for the cuffs and collar (outside)

You can combine any fabric with any other fabric- especially for the cuffs and the collar. That means that you can choose the inside colour of the collar and the cuffs respectively. The same is true for the outside colours of the collar and cuffs. Interesting colour combinations are checked and lined, black and white, red and yellow, pink and pale blue, etc. As long as no further inner colours are specified, the collar and/or the cuffs will be made completely in the selected fabric.

Mittelblau, Innenfarbe des Kragens #302 Twill Dunkelblau, sowie Knopföcher und Knopfgarnfarbe Dunkelblau

Contrasting fabric for the inside of the cuffs and the inside of the collar (inside)

With this customisation option, the inside of the collar or the cuffs are made in your chosen colour.
In our opinion, for example, light blue shirts harmonise well with dark blue on the inside of the collar, or the inside of the cuffs.
This option can also be combined with a white collar and/or cuffs.

Contrasting fabrics for the button tape (button strip)

You have a choice of a total of three customisation options:

  • Contrasting fabric on the upper button strip on the outside (A)
  • Contrasting fabric on the upper button strip on the inside (B)
  • Contrasting fabric on the lower button strip on the outside (C)

A contrasting button strip is only an option with the superimposed button strip.

Kontraststoff, anderer Stoff für Knopfleiste
Kontraststoff, anderer Stoff für Knopfleiste unten

Contrasting fabric for shirt sleeves

Another possibilty to design your shirt. Choose an extra fabric for your sleeves.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt
hemdwerk Bespoke shirt


Different thread colour (stitches)

Not completely ordinary, but a great chance to make your shirt an aesthetic speciality item is the customisation option of a different thread colour. All stitches of the shirt would be made with your selected colour.
The thread colour is used for all stitches, but not for the button thread colour. And with that, there are even more customisation options.
A colour scheme of contrasting colours works very well.

Different thread colour (Buttonholes and buttons)

A slightly less noticeable choice is different-coloured buttonholes. Unlike a different thread colour, only the buttonholes are made in a different colour here.
This customisation option is also available with the choice of a different thread colour. This would make sense if, for example, you want the colour of the thread for the seams of the shirt to be in a different colour to the thread colour of the buttonholes.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Available threads


navy blue











light blue



light pink


dark brown

tomato red

very light blue

dark violet

light green




petrol blue

neon yellow

neon orange

neon red

neon green


black blue

dark blue



hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Button shank sewing

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Shirt Accessories

Collar bones Stronger collar stiffeners

Order your shirt with stronger collar stiffeners from the time of production. With the “Kent” and “Shark” collar shapes, the collar tips have stays for the collar stiffeners. This means they are removable. Beside the standard collar stiffeners, hemdwerk also offers the option to adapt the collar tips to each customer’s expectations by using stronger collar stiffeners. (This option replaces the included collar stiffeners that are part of the shirt price.)

The collar stiffeners are also individually available in our online shop. Collar bones.

handkerchief Kavalierstuch

Combining elegance and style- no problem, with our handkerchiefs! These classic items of men’s clothing stand out with their versatility. Whether elegant and noble, polka-dotted, or just in one colour- there are no boundaries for one’s personal taste. Having been out of fashion for a long time, the handkerchief is experiencing a renaissance as a stylish accessory. Gone are the days in which handkerchiefs consisted only of white linen- today we have an infinity of options for emphasising small features by having a handkerchief poking out of your front pocket in both an interesting and cheeky way.

Like with a tie, the handkerchief can only be emphasised properly with correct folding- and according to the type of event, different ways of folding it have been established. So think about this: When you walk up to the altar as a groom, or want to offer support to your best friend as a wedding guest, the correct way of folding is important.

A fitting handkerchief in the same material as your shirt for the front pocket of the suit.

hemdwerk Bespoke shirt

Shirts in your size and in your special design!

Be your own designer and design your shirts just how you like them! Almost unlimited combination possibilities. Or you might like to choose among?